At Broomfield Primary School, it is the intent for our PE curriculum to develop independent skills and self-belief in ability. Through P.E. children can develop competence and confidence in a range of physical skills including dance, games, gymnastics and athletics. Children are encouraged to understand healthy life style choices and how exercise supports this. Through individual, group and team activities children will develop empathy for teamwork and cooperation, alongside experiencing elements of competition. Children will be challenged to reach their full potential through a balanced programme of high- quality teaching that follows National Curriculum guidance. We will work in partnership with community, our local School Sport and Activity network (SSPAN) and professional P.E. providers to implement an inspirational and inclusive P.E. curriculum.

The impact of our PE curriculum is to ensure that children understand and have developed knowledge of the value of physical activity and exercise on their health and wellbeing, and have been encouraged to increase their fitness levels. They have experienced and enjoyed a range of physical skills and have developed empathy for teamwork and cooperation. Children have knowledge and understanding of the rules and their importance in competition. The P.E. curriculum has allowed all children to progress in a wide range of skills and abilities with increased independence and ownership. They can take responsibility and show resilience in their attitude and behaviour across the P.E. curriculum. As a result, children are challenged through high quality, inclusive and progressive delivery of P.E. Skills and attitudes learnt in P.E. feed into other areas of the school curriculum.