Parent Fundraising Group

Who are FOBS?

FOBS are the Friends of Broomfield School.  We are a fundraising committee made up of willing parents and friends of the school with the support of the staff.  We organise events throughout the year to raise funds to support the purchase of new equipment which can be used by staff to enrich and enhance our children’s education.

What sort of events do you run?

We try to run events throughout the school year.  These include end of term discos for infants and juniors, cake raffles, pamper nights, grand raffles, the summer fair and christmas fair.  We rely on parents to help out at events and many local companies have been supportive in donating raffle prizes.

How can we help?

You can help in a number of ways depending on how much time you can commit.  If you are really up for it you can join our Committee.  We meet roughly once a term to decide what events to put on and how to run them.  If you aren’t able to help at this level then come along and volunteer at a specific event – we are always looking for people to run the tuck shop, watch the doors or sell tickets.  Finally, if you haven’t got any time to spare, you can offer your support by turning up to events, buying raffle tickets and encouraging your children to join in.

What sort of things have you helped to buy?

Over the years we have helped to buy a range of items from the school minibus to classroom and playground equipment.

How can I find out more?

We are always looking for new supporters, so if you could spare a couple of hours to help at one of our events, or if you could spare a bit more time why not join the Committee.

Please get in touch by emailing Or alternatively give your name, telephone number and email address to the school office who will pass it on to us.

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