Religious Education

Our pupils do not live in a diverse area however, they do live close to one of the most ethnically and diverse cities in the United Kingdom – Leicester. We aim to encourage our pupils to respect and understand the variety of religions and cultures within our community.

We teach R.E. according to the Leicestershire Agreed Syllabus.  This reflects the fact that the religious traditions in Britain are as a whole mainly Christian, whilst taking into account the other main religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam and Sikhism.

It is our intent that we aim to develop children’s understanding of a range of religions and the impact of these beliefs on individuals and the wider world.  We encourage children to ask questions and show respect for other people’s views and opinions.

The children are also encouraged to explore their own views, values and beliefs and discuss them in a respectful manner.  In this way the subject makes a major contribution to the spiritual development of children.