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Please use this link to inform us of the results following a COVID-19 test.  This is accessible 24/7 and will send an email directly to Miss Allison.

School opening documents – updated August 2021

Below are our school opening documents based on DfE guidance.  These outline the policies, procedures and measures that we are undertaking at Broomfield to ensure that our site is as safe as possible for everybody as we look forward to returning in August.

Full Opening Of Schools During COVID 19 18.08.21 BPS

Deep Cleaning For Influenza Virus Risk Assessment 23.8.21

Outbreak Management Plan V1

Trust COVID Outbreak Management Gudiance 01.09.21




Contact details:


Message us via Arbor


Should your class bubble be closed, or if we are in a National/Local lockdown and you have safeguarding concerns; please ring:

First Response Children’s Duty (if you feel it needs a same day response) 0116 3050005

or complete an online referral at:

or call 999 if a crime is being committed or a child is in danger

or call 101 for Leicestershire Police if there is no immediate danger

School Emergency Phone Numbers:

Only to be used for emergencies/safeguarding worries etc…

Miss Allison: 07548213272

Miss Jex: 07395938637

Mr Rowley: 07394908180