Click here to Inform us of Covid-19 Test Resultsopens in new tab

Please use this link to inform us of the results following a COVID-19 test.  This is accessible 24/7 and will send an email directly to Miss Allison.

Contact details:


Message us via the Studybugs App.


Should your class bubble be closed, or if we are in a National/Local lockdown and you have safeguarding concerns; please ring:

First Response Children’s Duty (if you feel it needs a same day response) 0116 3050005

or complete an online referral at:

or call 999 if a crime is being committed or a child is in danger

or call 101 for Leicestershire Police if there is no immediate danger

School Emergency Phone Numbers:

Only to be used for emergencies/safeguarding worries etc…

Miss Allison: 07548213272

Miss Jex: 07395938637

Mr Rowley: 07394908180